Pattyn project has been a dream for our family for some time now. Growing up with parents working in ministry, we all knew that our purpose in life was going to involve helping others. Fast forward a few years after various college experiences, endless jobs, lots of brainstorming, and the Pattyn project was born as a culmination of all of our ideas. Throughout school and college, the three girls volunteered in many different situations with their church, school, sports teams, and sorority sisters. Later, Amy and Jessica spent time volunteering and working in various children’s hospitals where the idea for working with long term stay patients was sparked. And in an experience that hit closer to home, the family saw first-hand what it was like having a loved one in the hospital as their father battled cancer. They realized that the number one goal of supporting their father during treatment was to bring as much comfort, familiarity, and sense of home as possible into his room.

This is the philosophy of The Pattyn Project:

To get to know the families and children of long stay hospital admissions, foster a sense of joy and support, and decorate their room to provide them a sense of comfort and home while they are facing their various battles.


Momma Pattyn is the real MVP. Our number one fan and biggest supporter has taught us the meaning of strength, love, and compassion. She has always encouraged us to pursue our dreams, and to no one’s surprise, The Pattyn Project was her brain child. Anyone who meets this woman knows she is one of a kind and gives everything she has to every situation, dream, and person she encounters. She is the beating heart of this project and the rock of our family. Rarely does she meet someone she can’t form an instant connection with, and for that reason she is the family liaison, communicating with families and getting to know them better so we can give them the best rooms possible.


Music, movies, flowers, froyo and all things fun. This girl has a heart as big as her sense of adventure and has never been able to pass up an opportunity to give back even if it means stopping at every lemonade stand she passes. Logan has been the fearless, firstborn, leader of this sister trio since August 1988. She has always had a desire to travel to new places and meet new people, but always felt her heart was in Pittsburgh. She is the driving force behind motivating the progress of this project and encouraging us all to pursue our passion. Her background managing people and working in business makes her head honcho of all things organizational.


The middle sister of the crew, lives up to most of the characteristics that come with her place in the birth order. An introverted extrovert, Jessica has always been a balance of her two sister’s personalities. With a passion for fostering other people’s hope and willingness to fight in times of trial, she has always been drawn to the stories and the people we wish to reach with this project. She fell in love with helping hospitalized children during her time pursuing her certification in Child Life, and managed to convince her whole family to join in on the action. As someone who has always loved words and the profound impact they have had on her life, she is the writer.


The littlest of the Pattyn three has always been a welcome companion to her two older sisters. Casey is all things kindness bottled up in a small package. You can always count on her to have a smile on her face and a positive outlook on any situation. She has always had a heart for children and spent her college years studying to be an elementary school teacher. Casey brings heart to all things she does, she also happens to be our tech savvy sistah who keeps us on track with our website and all the technicalities that come along with it.

Francine Gail

All you need to know is that this polka dotted princess is the love our lives, and she just happens to have four legs. Frannie, as her mom’s call her, is everyone’s best friend and pure love in Pointer form. She brings joy to everyone around her with kisses and cuddles which she sends long distance to the kids in her famous cards.

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