Our Philosophy

To get to know the families and children of long stay hospital admissions, foster a sense of joy and support, and decorate their room to provide them a sense of comfort and home while they are facing their various battles.

Our Mission

The Pattyn Project is an organization that has obtained a nonprofit 501 c 3 status, dedicated to contributing positivity to the healing process for children and their families facing extended hospital stays by creating environments that focus on reducing  the stress and challenges of the overall hospitalization stay for long term pediatric patients in hospitals in the city of Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas.

Our Vision

While illness and time spent in the hospital is stressful at any age, it is well documented that a child is at a greater risk for the social and emotional issues associated with extended hospital stays. Time spent away from their family and friends, fear of the unknown, misconceptions about their new environment, change in their routine, and lack of understanding can disrupt their life and interfere with their development. 

While many people tend to focus on the hardships that families face as a result of a traumatic injury or a life altering diagnosis, we prefer to focus our attention on the positive by nurturing the spirits of young patients facing long term pediatric hospitalization. These patients’ resilience and determination in the face of such adversity inspire us to want to help them and their families to navigate through the stresses and uncertainties associated with this unique life event. 

Our vision is to create a sanctuary of peace and serenity in a place where these children are often stripped of control.  By providing these patients with an opportunity for normalcy and self expression, we hope to renew their sense of hope in a difficult situation.

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