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This past weekend the Pattyn Project was back on 7B Transplant and had the privilege of bringing to life a Paw Patrol Room for a sweet 4-year-old boy named Jaxson, who comes to us all the way from Phoenix, Arizona.  Fun fact … our family lived in Arizona for six years, and we still have family there… so naturally our newest patient felt like a kindred spirit right from the start! After chatting with mom and Jaxson, we were excited about carving out a special place for him especially after learning he will be in Pittsburgh for the next six months to a year, while he recovers from his transplant surgery. Being extra far from home, we wanted to help bridge that gap by incorporating some of Jaxson’s favorite things like Paw Patrol, Trucks and Playdoh into his special healing space.

Jaxson is blessed with the support of his awesome mom Katie.  The two made the journey to Pittsburgh a couple of weeks ago so that Jaxson could undergo a multi-visceral transplant. The rest of Jaxon’s immediate family, dad and younger sister Paislee, as well as faithful four-legged friend Shiloh are back at home holding down the fort until Jaxson is well enough to rejoin them. When we showed up on Sunday with our wagon bursting with goodies, we encountered another Pattyn Project first… as we passed Jaxson in the hallway in route to an unexpected procedure. Never fear, the timing worked out perfectly, allowing us the opportunity to have all of Jaxson’s new toys and creature comforts in place just in time for his safe return.

Like most 4 almost five-year-old boys, Jaxson is a fan of trucks and cars, so we indulged him accordingly by presenting him with a fire truck and a payloader, a new construction comforter, a parking garage and a playmat with winding roads and a plethora of vehicles to inspire imaginative play. Next, we zeroed in on his love for all things Paw Patrol. We brought in a talking Marshall Lovey, a huge Paw Patrol Fire engine tent that fits over his bed when he feels the need for privacy, and his very own light up fire helmet. Lastly, we provided some outlets for creative expression, bringing in a table and chair for his love of coloring and playdoh creations, and an interactive musical keyboard to help pass the time in his new surroundings.

We are grateful to have met Jaxson and Katie and trust that this reclaimed space will provide Jaxson an extra measure of comfort and encouragement as he continues to heal.  Many thanks to everyone who has shown us ongoing support, as well as new friends who have come alongside of us, as we pursue this passion. We couldn’t do it without you! We hope you all will continue to consider donating to this special cause, so we can continue to lift the spirits of young fighters like Jaxson. We ask that you all keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers during the remainder of his stay in the hospital, as we hope for persistent progress, and a smooth recovery from his transplant and eventual return to home. Thank You Jaxson!

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